Many of the interior trends we saw in 2021 are set to continue in 2022 as we recover from these unsettling years, still in need of the very real sanctuary that our homes provide.

Trends centre around natural finishes, earthy palettes and feminine curves providing a much-needed sense of calm and harmony, keeping us grounded as we move into the New Year.

Obvious additions such as home offices, pantries, bootrooms and home gyms are here to stay, with the introduction of mezzanines, curved doorways, living room bars and wellness at home taken to an even higher specification.

There is a very real intention to heighten our sense of self-care in the home with maximum style and functionality when designing a ‘home as a haven.’  

  1. Natural Materials

Warm, earthy neutrals in sandy shades with a touch of warming pink and friendly yellow are the colours of 2022. Plaster and terracotta married with pale olive and warm greys chime into this new neutral palette. Jute, hemp, canvas, wood, wool and hammered metal provide the textural elements to complete the look.

Our library ladders are designed in oak and walnut finishes with the option of black, oil rubbed bronze or nickel hardware making them the perfect addition to an interior inspired by nature.  

Library ladder in raw walnut finish from the library ladder company

  1. Black Accents

The hardware of our library ladders, sliding barn doors and bi-folding doors provide the touch of black that is set to be such a popular trend in 2022.

Black furniture, picture frames, crittal doors, kitchen hardware and interior details are softened by natural parquet flooring, neutral paint colours and reclaimed furniture.

Mix the soft plaster pink palette with darker earthy tones such as chocolate brown, coppers, inky blues and teal, deep olive and jet black painted woodwork. It’s soft minimalism, feminine monochrome, artisan elegance.

Sliding Barn Door Kits from the Library Ladder Company

  1. Interiors with Character

Gone are the days of ultra-minimalism and even highly contemporary interiors are expected to have a strong personality. Carefully curated treasures undergo an intense selection process and proudly sit on highly collectible mid-century antique furniture.

There is nothing mass-produced in these schemes, everything is unique and desirable. Rebecca Craig, Head of Design at Sanderson Design Group predicts ‘Murals and Maximalism’ – printed velvets on upholstery and mural wallpapers.

An inexpensive and easy way to add character to your interior is to introduce decorative interior mouldings including cornicing, coving, skirting and ceiling rose’ – from contemporary to period mouldings to suit every space.

Interiors with character from the library ladder company

  1. Ambient Lighting

Lighting for well-being is set to be a key trend for interiors in 2022.

Moving away from traditional lighting, subtle lighting can be incorporated by using our LED Cornice Lighting Collection creating atmospheric corners, uplighting or downlighting and even on a diagonal using our 3D textural panelling. 

Kate Wilkins, co-founder of Home Lighting Ideas says,

“Lighting for well-being is becoming very important. We are using full-spectrum lighting which is more stimulating, very similar to natural daylight and gives the true quality of colours. You can simply replace a light bulb and, without even thinking about it, your lighting is supporting your wellbeing.”

LED Cornice lighting collection from LL Company

3D Textured wall panelling from LL Company

  1. Versatile spaces

The demand for versatility in our homes will continue, where one space can be transformed into another from day to night or moulded to different activities. A mezzanine office space doubles as a cinema room, a spare room transforms into an office, a storage cupboard and laundry room combine. It’s clever open plan living with divides, screens, crittal partitions and bookcases being used to create zones.

There has been a rise in demand for bespoke, built-in joinery which allows for work areas, for example, to be shut away when not in use. Also for quiet, no-screen spaces, which can be shut off from a main area when required.

Look out for our new range of Mezzanine Ladders launching in early 2022 which are set to be hugely popular.

Mezzanine ladder from LL Company

  1. Living Room Bars

At home bars and drinks trolleys are set to be massively popular next year – a trend that started in lockdown has now become commonplace in our living rooms! Now that we’re used to staying at home more, enjoying a well deserved drink amongst friends seems sensible.

Our No. 122 Shaker style wall panel has been used in this bar design and shows you how textured elements can create something seriously classy. 

Equally, we have found that the design of home wine cellars has risen significantly and adds an interesting design feature to any home. Our library ladders are ideal for accessing top shelves.  

No. 122 shaker wall panel used for an indoor bar from The Library Ladder Company

Wine rack with a library ladder from the library ladder company

  1. Slats

Fluted detailing has had a long reign and now it’s time to usher in a new trend – vertical and three-dimensional lines. Flat slats will be dominating design in 2022 as seen in kitchens, furniture design and across all homeware.

Our new, larger profile three dimensional wall coverings perfectly chime into this trend.

No. 116 XL ‘Bars’ and No. 114 XL Valleys offer a super satisfying and highly desirable symmetry and balance in their simple design which can be used in conjunction with the baby brother.

No. 116 Bars wall panelling from the library ladder company

Above: No. 116 Bar wall panelling below dado and No. 111 Bars above the dado rail. 

No. 114 Valleys wall panelling from LL Company

Above: No. 114 Valleys wall panelling

  1. Texture

That’s texture on walls, furniture, texture on glassware – basically interesting finishes on surfaces everywhere in 2022!

You won’t find a flat surface anywhere with fluted details on bars, reeded detailing on champagne flutes, textiles, trims on rugs, inlay on furniture – it’s all the detail. 

Perfectly represented by our three-dimensional wall panelling such as No. 112 Ridges which is a contemporary take on more traditional wall coverings.

Adding texture, depth and even warmth, textured wall panelling can transform your interior from fairly average to completely unique. As seen in the images here, our panelling is ready to paint as a bold statement or in a subtle neutral to suit your scheme.

No. 112 Ridges wall panelling from the library ladder company

Above: No. 112 Ridges wall panelling painted in a lovely olive green

No. 112 Ridges wall panelling from the library ladder company

Above: No. 112 Ridges wall panelling painted in a neutral colour

  1. Green

Biophillic design was big in 2020, 2021 and is set to continue into next year. Tapping into all the feel good factors of this calming colour, bringing nature indoors, decreasing our heart rates and alleviating stress. Why wouldn’t you include green in your scheme?

You’ll see it on walls, fabrics, indoor foliage and homewares. The only difference has been a move away from forest greens and teals and more towards olive shades.

No. 116 Bars wall panelling from the library ladder company

Above: No. 116 Bars XL wall panelling

wall panelling from the library ladder company

Above: Shaker style panelling No. 120 painted

        10. New Neutrals & Bolder colour choices

There is a definite move from cooler colours to warmer tones, with soft blush and pink becoming the new neutrals as well as russets, rose reds and yellows.

Joa Studholme, Colour Curator for Farrow & Ball says,

“There certainly has been a seismic shift in the way we are using colours in the home, with greys and neutrals giving way to stronger tones to comfort us in our homes or sanctuaries. The colour we’ll use will be strong but modest. In 2022 we want to embrace colour to mirror the spirit of kindness we all need to make our lives and our homes more joyful.” 

Painted woodwork is a definite trend for 2022, strong colour below dado rails and pale neutrals above to create an old-school and friendly feel.

Our decorative interior mouldings made from Purotouch are primed and ready to paint in any colour, bold or neutral. Take advantage of our free Product Pairing Service where we can guide you in selecting mouldings that work together in one space from ceiling roses, cornicing, dado rails, door mouldings and skirting.

No. 114 Valleys wall panelling from the library ladder company

Above: No. 114 Valleys wall panelling (hung vertically) and painted in a warm neutral alongside blush pink walls and fern. 

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