Are you longing for a quiet place to hide at the end of a long day? What you need is a Gentleman’s Den.

Here you can find inspiration and products to help you create a peaceful retreat in a corner of your home. If the rest of your rooms are light, airy and zen, then maybe you could swing the other way and create a dark and cosy lounge.

Think subdued and moody, comfortable and quiet, luxurious finishes and rich detailing. This style requires careful layering of tones and textures, built up to look as though it has evolved over years with inherited antiques, crystal decanters and aged whisky. The Country Club look is becoming increasingly popular and is often coupled with a study space or library as more of us work from the comfort of our own homes. We’re talking about ‘snugs’ or ‘man caves’ but with more grandeur!  

Gentlemans Club Vibe using products from LL Company

What kind of wall panelling should I choose for a Gentleman’s Club or study?

To achieve a smart and sophisticated den - cum - study vibe, one of the best investments and quickest solutions would be to introduce wall panelling. Choose whether you would prefer to cover the lower half of the wall below a dado rail, or whether you would prefer to take it right up to the ceiling for maximum impact.

Our classic Shaker Style panelling creates a simple, masculine feel, whilst our 3D textured panelling presents a more contemporary style. Did you know you can also add panelling to your ceiling for the ultimate luxury hotel vibe? Panelling can also be glued to other flat surfaces – see the image below of a home bar covered in Shaker style panel No. 123.

Bar image covered in wall panels from LL Company

Panelling above: Wall Panel Insert No. 122 Shaker style £27.84 and also Wall Panel Insert No. 123 £27.84

Hallway with wall panelling from LL Company

How to achieve this Hallway wall panelled look

For this look, we would recommend using No. 120 alongside No. 121 for wall to ceiling panelling. Use corresponding No. 324 Autoire moulding around your doorways with our LED coving No. 373 to uplight the ceiling as shown in the image above. 

If you require a quote for panelling, please do not hesitate to get in touch

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What kind of lighting would suit a study or snug?

Bright lighting in a study-den should be kept to a minimum as you are trying to achieve a relaxed space in which to switch off and not over stimulate! Oil paintings can be illuminated by picture lights, club chairs can be lit by reading lights and our LED coving lighting collection will hide ugly wiring for uplighting ceilings or shelving. Introduce cornice uplighting around the ceiling for an instantly calming glow – choose from a range of profiles that produce varied shadow, light and floating effects. 

We recommend using LED coving No. 373, a classic design that will give your ceilings a warm glow. Use No. 324 Autoire moulding to create a framework around cabinets or glass doors allowing you to illuminate books or a drinks cabinet. This moulding is also very effective when used at dado rail height creating a soft lighting effect – see image below. The Stepped Cornice No. 396 can be used on the vertical, adding something truly unique to your interior. 

Cornice uplighting No. 373 from LL Company

Cornice moulding No. 373 £64.52

No. 324 Autoire uplighting cornice from LL Company

No. 324 Autoire Cornice Moulding (small) £54.80

Stepped cornice No. 396 from LL Company

Stepped Cornice No. 396 £84.22

Top Tips for creating a Gentleman’s Den

  • Statement pieces of furniture such as a pair of leather club chairs or a Chesterfield sofa
  • Don’t forget to include bookcases, a drinks cabinet or wine rack – all of which would benefit from a library ladder!
  • Choose a dark and atmospheric colour palette
  • Include dark woods into your scheme such as mahogany or walnut
  • Clever lighting is key to creating a relaxed atmosphere so include picture lights, desk lamps or lanterns. Hidden LED lighting can be effective for illuminating art collections or drinks cabinets
  • Key structural features like wall panelling or wooden parquet flooring will make an enormous difference
  • Think about textures and layering; blankets, rugs, luxurious finishes, leather, tweed, tartan
  • Don’t forget a comfortable fender around the fireplace
  • Antiques, crystal glass, decanters, fine art, photographs in decadent frames
  • Decorative interior detailing such as classic cornicing, dado rails, ceiling rose

6 must-have products for creating a Gentleman’s Club Vibe

  1. No. 120 wall panelling – below and above dado rail height

Our range of complimentary Shaker style wall panels are the perfect choice for creating a Gentleman’s Club vibe. Choose our vertical panel No. 120 (150cm x 50cm) to hang at intervals around your room leaving space above, or hanging it alongside corresponding square panel No. 121 (50cm x 50cm) for full floor to ceiling coverage. Either way, the effect will be classic, elegant and masculine.

The panels are easy to hang and can be configured in a variety of ways, ready to paint in whichever colour you choose (we suggest dark and cosy!) These ready-made panels have been moulded to the perfect finish, so you can rely on consistency of design.

We can help you decide which design will suit your property by offering a CAD design service and providing a quote.

Shaker style wall panels from LL Company

No. 120 Shaker Style wall panel £95.60

Wall panelling from LL Company

The above image uses a combination of wall panel No. 120 at the top and No. 121 below. 

       2. Noblesse cornice moulding No. 322

The Noblesse cornicing has a small and elegant design, with a swans neck shape that will not overwhelm but add detail and finish to your den. Used in conjunction with our wall panelling, the overall effect is stunning and you’ll benefit from the added advantage of uplighting your ceiling. All our coving is made from Purotouch which is lightweight, easy to cut and install, waterproof, hard wearing and primed product.

Noblesse cornice moulding from LL Company

     3. Large and decorative ceiling rose No. 52

One easy and relatively cost effective way to add detail and elegance to your interior is by hanging a ceiling rose. We have chosen the decorative No. 52 medallion design because it is large in diameter (69.5cm) with a pretty sculpted swirl effect and classic egg and dart detail. Without being ostentatious, these interior decorative details will elevate your study – den – lounge space.

Large and decorative ceiling rose No. 52 from LL Company

      4. Ceiling panel No. 30

For something a bit different, why not hang square panelling on your ceiling? The effect will be definitely be den-like, warm and comfortable. Don’t panic about bringing the room in, as this is your intention with a dark colour palette and comfortable furnishings. The No. 30 has a square recessed shaker design which results in a deeper look than our other wall panels. Seriously classy!

Shaker style ceiling rose from LL Company

    5. LED moulding No. 324 Autoire - for a drinks cabinet or bookshelf

One of our best-sellers, this moulding is perfect for running along the top of wall panel No. 120 or around niches or shelving. It’s a no-brainer to include this neat accessory which hides all the ugly wiring and introduces soft atmospheric lighting to objects or books.

No. 324 Autoire can also be installed on a wall slightly above head height to create a ‘Picture Rail’ effect (but please note: it is not sturdy enough to hang precious artworks).

Autoire moulding from LL Company

Wall moulding from LL Company

     6. Secret Book Pull

A secret book pull to go with your secret door? Yes, of course you need one of these in your Gentleman’s Club! We are delighted with this unique product that will add a witty and extra dimension to your man cave.

Coupled with our Invisidoor Hinge Kit (which allows you to create a bookcase that is secretly hiding a doorway into another room) your Secret Book Pull will be the ultimate gadget to reveal your secret lair. Hidden as a book on your shelf, you’ll be the only person who knows it’s awesome is that?

Secret Book Pull from LL Company

When you need a little extra help

If your'e not sure where to start with decorative interior wall mouldings, wall panelling or any of our other products, we offer a free design pairing service where we can help you navigate the different style options. 

Simply get in touch and we can look at images of your property and give you guidance on the best products. 

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