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Guest Blog: Will Mundy Carpentry

Guest Blog: Will Mundy Carpentry

In the first of our series talking to our clients about using Library Ladder Company products, Will Mundy shares his views on well-made, enduring design and how our library ladder was an integral part of his latest project. 

"We’re great believers in utilising all available space, as far as possible. The high ceilings in this particular office lent themselves to high level cabinets, accessible only by the use of a ladder. So to this end, yes, it certainly was an integral part of the design." 

June 15, 2021
"My client was delighted by the end result!"

"My client was delighted by the end result!"

We love feedback from our customers and we're delighted to share a testimonial from Mackinnon Joinery testimonial for The Library Ladder Company.

Mackinnon Joinery: 

"The Library Ladder Company were fantastic to deal with from the initial contact right through to delivery. 

Jessica was very helpful with queries and always replied quickly. 

The quality of components (in particular the rail system) was very good and I would not hesitate to order from them again. 

My client was delighted with the end result, as was I. 

May 19, 2021