Hello Flora UK is a renowned interior design company known for their exceptional creativity and expertise in designing spaces for children. This case study explores one of their projects, a captivating children's bedroom that embodies a delightful blend of fun, colour, and texture. The focus of this design is the innovative use of 3D wall panels No. 109 - Valleys, demonstrating their versatility in creating unique furniture pieces with a scalloped shape. Combined with a two-tone colour scheme, various textures, and thoughtfully chosen furnishings, Hello Flora UK has transformed this bedroom into a playful oasis that sparks joy and imagination.

Design Concept:

The primary objective of the design was to create an inviting and whimsical space that captures the essence of childhood. Hello Flora UK achieved this by incorporating vibrant colours, interactive elements, and captivating textures. The concept revolves around the innovative use of 3D wall panels No. 109 - Valleys, which are not limited to traditional wall applications but also utilised to craft stunning furniture pieces.
Colour Scheme:
The bedroom showcases a charming two-tone colour scheme, featuring dusty blue and pink as the dominant hues. The dusty blue is elegantly employed on the desk and extends partially up the wall, adding a touch of serenity and grounding the space. Meanwhile, the playful pink covers approximately two-thirds of the wall, stretches to the ceiling, and reimagines itself as a delightful arched wall decal, contributing to the room's whimsical ambiance.
3D Wall Panels:
A standout feature of this design is the use of 3D wall panels No. 109 - Valleys, which exemplify the versatility of Hello Flora UK's approach. Rather than confining these panels solely to wall surfaces, they are ingeniously transformed into eye-catching furniture pieces with a captivating scalloped shape. The incorporation of these panels not only adds depth and dimension to the room but also showcases their potential for creating unique and functional design elements.
Textures and Furnishings:
Hello Flora UK expertly combines various textures to enhance the overall aesthetic of the children's bedroom. A round jute rug, selected for its natural and earthy appeal, complements the arch-shaped wall decal, tying the design elements together seamlessly. Additionally, a stunning feathered lampshade brings an ethereal touch to the room, striking a perfect balance between rustic and soft furnishings.
Hello Flora UK's children's bedroom design featuring 3D wall panels No. 109 - Valleys showcases their exceptional creativity and ability to transform spaces into playful havens. The skillful use of a two-tone colour scheme, innovative incorporation of 3D wall panels as furniture elements, and thoughtful selection of textures and furnishings contribute to an inviting atmosphere that sparks the imagination of its young occupants. This case study serves as a testament to Hello Flora UK's dedication to creating extraordinary designs that both children and parents adore.
May 23, 2023 — LL Company Marketing

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