Hook Roller for Rolling Ladders



Product Description

This high quality hook roller allows you to create a ladder than rolls from side to side along one of our rails. It also allows you to remove the ladder from the rail as it only has x1 thermoplastic wheel, providing a smooth and quiet operation only found with Quiet Glide. The benefit of the hook roller allows you move the ladder to another location as well as roll from side to side.

Begin to build your rolling ladder kit with x2 of these (sold as singles) to allow you to create a sliding ladder for your bookcase, kitchen or wine store.

These rollers should be used together with the braking wheels that go at the bottom of the ladder.

About Quiet Glide

About Quiet Glide:

"Our unique ladder rail system is the only library ladder rail kit on the market that offers solid aluminium rails - not hollow tubes. The Quiet Glide rolling ladders are made from the metal-work to the steam-bent handrails. All the parts on a Quiet Glide rolling library ladder are machined or manufactured by American Craftsman."

Product Dimensions

Installation Guide

Make sure you order wheeled feet