Basic Double Hook


Delivery 3-5 days. (6 weeks for orders with custom ladders)

Available in Black, Bronze & Nickel Colours. Brass available on selected components.

Lifetime Guarantee | High Quality & Reliable


Choose the double hook hardware for a simple and effective way to create your hook over ladder. The product features two hooks, one above the other so you can use the top one when climbing the ladder and the lower one for lifting up and hanging the ladder in a stowed position from the rail.

Note: For safety, this hook is a tight fit on the rail, therefore you need to be careful hooking the ladder on and off the rail, to ensure the rail remains damage free. If you have concerns, opt for a 'sliding hook hardware' instead.

Perfect for: Kitchen ladders, pantry ladders, dressing room ladders and library ladder.


You need to purchase x2 of the hooks (Sold Separately)

Make sure you pair your top hooks with two Non-slip Feet.

Finishes: Black, Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Beautifully smooth and quiet running mechanism every time.

Tested 10,000 times to ensure quality

Rolling or Hook Over options for the hardware. Compatible with all ladder heights

About Quiet Glide

Quiet Glide is the brand name of the fantastic rolling and hook over ladders available on our website. Every part of the Quiet Glide range is manufactured in the USA by American craftsmen and tested 10,000 times to ensure the technology can withstand a lifetime of use

The gliding technology (hence the name quiet glide) houses a patented technology, allowing a beautifully smooth and quiet running mechanism every time.

Brochure, Technical & Installation Guides
Shipping Costs

£0 - £100 Order - £11.95 delivery

£100 - £600 Order - £35 delivery

£600 - £1000 Order - £55 delivery

Over £1000 – £65

Stock & Delivery Information

Generally, we hold a good stock of the ladder and hardware range and therefore your order should be delivered in a timely manner. If items are in stock then your order will be picked and ready to sent out within two days. The delivery will be on a next day service. Overall the lead-time for delivery is around 5 days.

If your order includes a custom, made to measure ladder the lead-time will increase to 6 weeks.

Occasionally there are delays with some stock items and if there are any delays with your order we will get in touch straight away to let you know. You can then either decide to continue with your order and wait, or request a refund.

Please note - made to measure ladders are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Environmental Credentials

The Quite Glide timber ladders are come from FSC certified suppliers and are sourced responsilbly from suppliers who are active in their efforts to minimise their environmental impact.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) uphold principles for responsible forest management worldwide and supply chain integrity; meeting stringent environmental, social and economic standards.

Returns & Cancellations

If you change your mind about your purchase and no longer
want your goods, you have 14 days to let us know. (*Unless the goods are made to order or custom made) The 14 days starts from the day your order has been delivered to you. You need to contact us by email to let us know you would like to start a return and we will advise you on the steps that need to be taken. You will be responsible for returning the goods within 5 days of your request to return. Once the goods have been received back at the warehouse, they will be checked and if the goods are free from damage and without any signs of use, your refund will be issued within the following 14 days.

*Please note that if you have purchased a bespoke, made to
order or custom made item such as a made to measure ladder, you cannot return these goods unless they are faulty.

Shipping outside of Great Britain

If you would like to place an order for delivery outside of Great Britain please send us an email with your full delivery address and details of what you would like to order. We can then generate a quotation for you.

Interior Ladder Product Information

About Quiet Glide | Product Attributes & Quality

Quiet Glide stands as the epitome of exceptional rolling and hook-over ladders featured on our website. Crafted in the USA by skilled American craftsmen, every component undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring resilience through 10,000 cycles and guaranteeing a lifetime of use.

At the heart of Quiet Glide is its patented gliding technology, aptly named for its whisper-quiet and flawlessly smooth running mechanism. This innovation guarantees a serene and effortless experience every time the ladder is in motion.

Renowned for their unmatched quality, Quiet Glide ladders deliver seamless performance on every occasion. When installed correctly, they are backed by a lifetime guarantee, underscoring their enduring reliability and customer satisfaction.

Features include:

  • Versatile Options: Choose between Rolling or Hook Over hardware configurations.

  • Variety of Heights: Explore a wide selection of standard ladder heights.
  • Customisation: If standard sizes don't meet your requirements, opt for a made-to-measure height ladder.

  • Hardware Finishes: Select from four elegant hardware color options: Satin Nickel, Brushed Brass, Matt Black, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.
  • Tailored Rail Lengths: Craft a rail precisely as long or as short as needed.
  • Space-Saving: Store the ladder vertically when not in use, maximizing your space.
  • Individual Hardware Purchase: Purchase hardware components separately, ideal for those who already own a ladder and need specific parts.

Quiet Glide ladders provide unmatched quality and flexibility, ensuring a perfect fit for any space.

Hardware Types

Full Rolling

(Available in all finishes)

Hook Rolling

(Available in all finishes)

Hook Over

(Not available in Brass)

Basic Hook on

(Not available in Brass)

Corner Rolling

(Only available in Black)

The classic rolling hardware is attached to the rail and has two rollers on each side of the ladder. This hardware is paired with the braking bottom wheels to create a smooth, silent and effortless roll from side to side. This hardware has an inbuilt mechanism to allow the ladder to be stowed vertically against the wall/joinery. Read more

The hook rolling hardware still has all the rolling hardware attributes but has the added benefit of allowing you to lift the ladder from the rail and relocate the ladder to another rail. This means you could use the ladder in multiple locations. The top rollers are paired with the braking wheeled feet. This hardware has an inbuilt mechanism to allow the ladder to be stowed vertically. Read more.

The sliding hook hardware allows you to hook your ladder on and off from the rail. This hardware has two hooks on the top of the ladder and is paired with the non-slip rubberised feet at the bottom of the ladder. To move the ladder along the rail you need to lift the weight of the ladder up without unhooking and you can walk the ladder along. This hardware has an inbuilt slider to allow the ladder to be stowed vertically. Read more.

This is the most basic option for hardware and is has a 'double hook' at the top of the ladder and non-slip feet at the bottom. This allows you to hook the ladder on using the top hook and then lift and use the lower hook to stow the ladder away vertically. To move the ladder along the rail you will need to completely lift the ladder off of the rail and hook the ladder back on in the location you want to use it. Note: For safety, this hook is a tight fit on the rail, therefore you need to be careful hooking the ladder on and off the rail, to ensure the rail remains damage free. If you have concerns, opt for a 'sliding hook hardware' instead.

If you are looking for the ultimate in premium design them look no further than the 'swivel rolling' hardware. This hardware allows you to lift and roll your ladder around a 90degree curved corner rail. This means you can have a continuous rail around your room. Read more.

Rail / Pole Information

The ladder rails or poles are an essential component in the ladder kit and your ladder will roll along them. They are made of high-quality 25mm solid aluminum, ensuring durability, as they are not hollow.

These rails are available in 6ft (1828mm) and 8ft (2438mm) lengths, which can be connected using a joining kit to create longer rail runs. Alternatively, you can customise the size after you receive your order by cutting them on-site. Rail brackets support the rails, and each end should be finished with a rail end cap.

To simplify the ordering process, use the Build your Ladder Order builder. It helps you select the right rail length and automatically adds the necessary rails, joining kits, rail brackets, and rail end caps for each rail run. If you are looking for brass hardware - shop here.

Cutting the rails: 

If you need to cut your brass rail during your installation process, we recommend that you wrap the rail with painters’ tape where the cut is to be made, this will minimise the chipping of the paint/plating. Use a fresh-bladed hack saw with a metal cutting blade, and a good quality mitre box. Alternatively, you could use a standard mitre saw with a carbide blade, or a wood cutting blade, again ensuring you use a fresh blade. After cutting, slowly and carefully unwrap the tape.

Important Note: It's important to note that the aluminum rails have a sprayed paint finish (unless plated brass), which may show manufacturing marks caused by hooks used during the spraying process. Once installed, these marks will be hidden from view.

Ironmongery / Hardware Finishes & Colours
Matt Black
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Satin Nickel
The finish on the hardware is a sprayed paint finish and comes in three colours. Matt Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Satin Nickel. (Please note the colour names are descriptive regarding the paint colour)


Brushed Brass 

We have recently added Brushed Brass to our range of ladder ironmongery. To shop the Brushed Brass finish - click here. 

Want a sample? Drop us a message.


The Ladder Range

The range has countless options, allowing you to create a ladder order that suits your room, interior and your application. Whether you need a ladder to access the top of a bookcase, high level kitchen storage or an extra tall wardrobe, you can build the perfect ladder order for your needs.

If you are looking for a brass hardware finish - shop here.


Ladder Components

The clever ladder systems allow you to create orders that fit your needs and therefore are made up of several components.

Your ladder sits on a rail which is mounted to your bookcase or wall using rail brackets and the rail is finished at the ends with end caps.

Depending on which hardware you choose, the ladder will have wheels/feet mounted at the bottom and rollers/hooks mounted at the top.

The timber ladder is given extra strength with a support rod and fixings that braces the ladder underneath each step tread.


How do I choose and order my ladder?

For an easy to use and effortless option, you can use our ladder order builder where you can select different sizes, hardware types and colour options to build the perfect ladder for your project. The order builder will automatically add in all of the components you will need for your order and give you an instant price. -

Click here to get an instant price.


Alternatively, if you want to order your components indivdually then click here and follow the below guidance.

1. Choose your hardware type

There are five different options to choose from depending on what your needs are:
1. Full rolling
2. Hook rolling
3. Corner rolling
4. Hook-over
5. Basic Hook On

2. Work out what you need

The most important thing to determine is the ladder height and the height at which you want to mount a rail onto your bookcase or cabinetry. Choose from a range of standard height ladders which have a predetermined height rail or opt for a custom height ladder.

*Make sure your order includes ladder tread support rungs. These are metal rods that sit underneath each ladder tread giving your ladder strength and support.

3. Decide how long you want your rails

This is the side to side width that you want your ladder to slide along. Choose from 6ft rails or 8ft rails which can be joined together using a joining kit to create longer rails, or cut them down on-site to the perfect size

4. Add your brackets and end caps

Once you have decided how many rails you want you will need to work out how many brackets you need to hold up your rail. There should be a gap between brackets of no more than 3ft (914mm). Finish off your rail exposed ends with an end cap kit.

5. Optional Accessories

Choose from some optional extras that will take your ladder to the next level. Add a wooden hand rail on both sides of your ladder or some grip treads to give your ladder steps more grip.

Can I purchase the components seperately?

If you want to purchase individual components/spares please use the button below to shop the ladder and hardware components separately. - Click here.

What is a rolling ladder?

The term ‘rolling ladder’ refers to the rolling motion of the top of the ladder fixing along the rail and any ladder equipped with castors. Full rolling ladders are superior to ‘hook over’ ladders that do not include the Quiet Glide technology that allows for the ladder to glide along a rail.

Our classic rolling ladders are made to the highest quality specification with two rollers on either side of the ladder, braking wheels at the base of the ladder and an effortless roll along the rail. Rails are not hollow and are made from solid extruded aluminium. The hardware allows you to stow the ladder vertically. 

How wide are the ladders?

All of the library ladders are 16 inches (406mm) wide. The size is comfortable to climb, but not overbearing in the room.

How tall are the ladders?

We sell standard height ladders from 8 feet to 13 feet. Depending upon which height suits your space, there is a recommended rail mount height (see our online chart) to ensure comfort and safety. If the standard sizes are unsuitable for your space, you can order a made to measure ladder.

There is plenty of information on our website including a Guide to LaddersInstallation and Assembly instructions and an Inspiration Gallery to help you decide.

How far does the ladder protrude into the room?

When the ladder is in the angled climbing position it will protrude into the room by approximately 79cm.

Can the ladders be stowed away/docked vertically?

All of the ladders can be docked vertically when not in use. A clever slider is built into the same mechanisms at the top of the ladder to allow for this.

How does the ladder arrive?

The ladders arrive unassembled and unfinished. This allows you to apply a stain or paint to your ladder prior to your assembly.

We offer a fantastic range of Mylands Paint colours perfect for painting wood. Choose from over 160 colours and make sure to order paint for 'Wood & Metal'.

If you would rather stain or oil your ladder, Mylands have a great selection of coloured stains and protective oils. See the full range of wood finishes.

What finish should I apply to my ladder?

We offer a fantastic range of Mylands Paint colours perfect for painting wood. Choose from over 160 colours and make sure to order paint for 'Wood & Metal'.

If you would rather stain or oil your ladder, Mylands have a great selection of coloured stains and protective oils. See the full range of wood finishes.

We have a dedicated page for Ladder Finishes that provides more information.

Are the ladders safe?

You should feel completely safe when you are using one of the Quiet Glide ladders, therefore it is of the utmost importance that the library ladders are safe and made of the highest quality. All of the ladders have been designed with built-in braking safety wheels that automatically lock the ladder in place as you climb it.

The technology allows every ladder to be stowed away vertically when not in use to avoid accidents. Each ladder is made of solid wood and has been tested through 10,000 cycle checks to ensure they can withstand a lifetime of use. On this basis, each ladder comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

*The limited lifetime guarantee is issued by the Quiet Glide manufacturer. The warranty is based on the ladder and the hardware being installed in accordance to the fitting instructions.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"The ladder is extremely well made, feels sturdy, and gives the client great confidence when climbing high up to top shelves. The wide assortment of fixings and fittings make the system extremely versatile to fit all shapes and sizes of room."
— Nook Design
Customer reviews
"We absolutely love our ladder. It's wonderful, and its purchase has fulfilled one of my husband's bucket list wishes. I cannot recommend the company enough."
— Helen watson
Customer reviews
The ladder system itself is sturdy, attractive and its wheels and rollers run exceptionally smoothly as it moves. We love that it arrives unfinished so we are able to stain and lacquer it according to suit. It's well designed and versatile."
— Mundy Design
Customer reviews
We were delighted with the quality of the ladder system both in terms of construction and finish."
— Christopher Howard