Studwork Information

When you choose an ECLISSE pocket door system the first thing to consider is matching your stud thickness to the right ECLISSE pocket door thickness and the table below shows you how to do this. Why are you looking to match it up? Because when it matches up, plaster boarding the pocket and the rest of the wall is as quick and easy as it possibly can be.

We recommend that you use either timber or metal stud in the table below. These are the most readily available stud work sizes and to make life easier we make frames to match.

Timber Stud

Nominal Size

Actual Dimensions

Best Fit Eclisse Pocket Door System

Assemble frame to:

Plasterboard option for the pocket and for the stud work

CLS- Canadian Lumber Standard

3” x 2” / 75 x 50mm

63 x 38mm

95mm finished wall thickness

70mm pocket thickness




4” x 2” / 100 x 50mm

89 x 38mm

115mm finished wall thickness

90mm pocket thickness



Scant/ construction timber

3” x 2” / 75 x 50mm

69/70 x 47*mm

95mm finished wall thickness

70mm pocket thickness



4” x 2” / 100 x 50mm

94/95 x 47*mm

125mm finished wall thickness

100mm pocket thickness




*This dimension can vary 

Click here to see full version of this table including metal stud and more options for plaster boarding as well as double boarding