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Victorian Wall Panel | Ceiling Panel | No. 504 Shaker | 55cm x 22cm


Delivery 2-3 days

Colour: White primed and ready for painting

Material: Duropolymer


55cm Wide x 22cm High x 1.7cm deep

Introducing Wall Panel No.504, a carefully designed pre-made shaker style panel designed to effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of your walls or ceilings.

This is one of our favourite shaker style wall panels due it's subtle but beautiful beading profile and raised central section, also known as 'raised and fielded' panels. This panel is of rectangular letterbox proportion making it the perfect design to combine with other panel sizes within the range. Use it horizontally along with wall panels No.503 - square  and No.507 to create a wall of beautiful panelling. Add even more detailing with a dado rail rail within your layout as well. Or if used vertically, you can create half height wall panelling, also known as wainscot, which is a popular choice for adding texture and charm to walls, creating a visual change from the walls to the ceiling. 

We recommend: Pairing this panel with other sizes in the range such as, No.503 - square and No.507-large , to create full wall panelling designs. Dado Rail No. 8020 is a perfect choice to complement these wall panels, as is No.206 skirting board. 

Elevating your wall panels to the next level by painting them with contrasting colour, or perhaps a patterned wallpaper above, this is a great way to add a classical looking feature wall to your room.

Similar Style: No.121 Georgian Panel and No.30 Ceiling Panel.

Perfect Panelling For:  Bathroomshallwayskitchens and living rooms,

Lightweight & easy to install using adhesive - no screws required.

Cuts just like wood - use a fresh bladed hand or circular saw.

Spray paint or paint by hand on-site after fitting.