Library Ladder | 3ft - 14ft Tall


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Top Hook for Hook-over Ladders


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Non-skid Feet for hook-over ladders


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Ladder Rails


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How to order

1. Choose your hardware type

There are four different options to choose from depending on what your needs are.
1. Full rolling,
2. Hook rolling
3. Swivel rolling
4. Hook-over

2. Work out what you need

The most important thing to determine is the ladder height and the height at which you want to mount a rail onto your bookcase or cabinetry. Choose from a range of standard height ladders which have a predetermined height rail or opt for a custom height ladder.

See more information about ladder heights

*Don’t forget to add your ladder tread support rungs. These are metal rods that sit underneath each ladder tread giving your ladder strength and support.

3. Decide how long you want your rails

This is the side to side width that you want your ladder to roll or slide along. Choose from 6ft rails or 8ft rails which can be joined together using a joining kit to create longer rails, or cut them down on-site to the perfect size

4. Add your brackets and end caps

Once you have decided how many rails you want you will need to work out how many brackets you need to hold up your rail. There should be a gap between brackets of no more then 3ft (914mm). Finish off your rail exposed ends with an end cap kit.

5. Optional Accessories

Choose from some optional extras that will take your ladder to the next level. Add a wooden hand rail on both sides of your ladder or some grip treads to make your ladder steps non-slip.