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Coving and Ceiling Roses

Welcome to a world of architectural sophistication and timeless ornamentation with our Egg & Dart Coving and Ceiling Roses Collection. This exquisite assortment celebrates the classic union of form and flourish, designed to grace your interiors with enduring elegance.

The Egg & Dart design, a symbol of classical grandeur, has been a cherished motif for centuries. Our collection blends this iconic pattern with precision craftsmanship to create coving and ceiling roses that are nothing short of works of art.

Egg & Dart Coving adorns your ceilings with a delicately intricate border, adding depth and charm to your interior spaces. It's a statement of refinement that seamlessly complements a range of design styles. Meanwhile, our Ceiling Roses, featuring the same ornate pattern, serve as the centrepiece of your room, capturing the eye with their intricate beauty.

Elevate your interiors with the unmatched charm and enduring elegance of Egg & Dart Coving and Ceiling Roses. Let your home resonate with a sense of timeless beauty, and allow your spaces to narrate a story of ornate refinement and grandeur.

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Egg & Dart FAQs

What is an Egg & Dart profile in interior design and architecture?

An Egg & Dart profile is a decorative moulding characterised by a repeated pattern of alternating ovoid shapes (often resembling eggs) and V-shaped darts. It is a classical and ornamental design element.

Where are Egg & Dart profiles commonly used in interior design?

Egg & Dart profiles can be found in various architectural features, including cornices, crown mouldings, and friezes. They are often used to add a touch of classical elegance and intricate detailing to interior spaces.

Can Egg & Dart profiles be used in various design styles, or are they primarily associated with specific aesthetics?

Egg & Dart profiles are versatile and can be adapted to various design styles. While they are frequently used in classical and neoclassical designs, they can also bring a sense of timeless charm to a range of interior aesthetics.

What materials are suitable for creating Egg & Dart profiles?

Egg & Dart profiles can be crafted from materials such as wood, plaster, polyurethane, and resin. The choice of material depends on the desired look, durability, and budget.

How can I style my interior using Egg & Dart profiles?

Egg & Dart profiles add a sense of intricate detail to a room. They can be used as crown moulding, chair rails, or decorative friezes to create an air of sophistication and classical grandeur.

Are there variations of Egg & Dart profiles, or do they have a standard design?

Egg & Dart profiles come in various sizes and styles, offering different degrees of intricacy and detailing. You can choose a design that suits your specific design preferences and project requirements.

Do Egg & Dart profiles have historical significance in design?

Egg & Dart profiles have historical significance and are often associated with classical architecture, particularly in Greek and Roman design. They have been used in detailing for centuries and continue to be favoured for their timeless appeal.