image credit: Ica Studio


Luxury Hotel featuring our Library Ladder

Ica Studio, one of the world’s leading hotel architecture and design studios collaborated with Virgin to create Europe's first-ever Virgin hotel. This hotel is situated in the historic India Buildings, in Edinburgh, this hotel will throw you back in time to the Victorian era but with a luxurious, contemporary feel. Within the hotel, you will have a luxury hotel experience, from luxurious room interiors to numerous drinking, dining and entertainment options.


image credit: Ica Studio


Keeping to the Heritage is key

The consistent respect for the Scottish heritage throughout this 225 - room hotel carries on through to the restaurants and bars. One being the Commons Club which is one of the brand's flagship bars. The Commons Club is a playful yet sophisticated bar with an exquisite menu. 
In this bar is where you will find our Library Ladder which has been featured in this room, behind the bar. 


image credit: Ica Studio

The perfect addition to a Traditional yet Contemporary design

The Library Ladder works perfectly in this bar, not only because it is practical but also because it works in both a contemporary and traditional space. In this space they are able to show off the amazing bottles, creating a statement piece, but also be able to reach them. As library ladders came into fashion in the 1800s it is a perfect piece to pick to add the 18th Century Old town feel but still keeping a contemporary edge to it.


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