The trend for slatted wall panelling almost seems like is has come form nowhere. One minute we were paneling our houses with more traditional panelling like Shaker-style panels, now we are taking panelling and creating more contemporary styles.

But, it's no surprise it's become a popular design choice for many interior spaces. Unlike traditional paneling, it's effortlessly modern in style. This not only means it can be used to give your standard house a more contemporary feel, but that it doesn’t look out of place in more modern builds.

In the most elevated examples, slat walls also offer a way to bring the warmth and character of traditional homes into a modern space, helping to make these rooms feel cozier, without losing their contemporary appeal. 

As stated in ‘Your Home’ magazine, our wall panels are easy to fit and come ready for you to paint in any style you choose. They are also a great way to cover up any marks that you may have on the wall and once they are installed they are hardwearing and you can easily wipe off any marks.


September 22, 2022 — LL Company Marketing

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