New: The Complete Invisidoor Set

LL Company are excited to launch the complete Invisidoor Set which includes the Invisidoor Hinge Kit and NEW Secret Bookcase Bookpull Latches! Now you can buy all the products you need to create a secret entrance to your home office, cinema..... or underground bunker? 

Whether you're creating The Volcano Lair from You Only Live Twice or Kanaga's Lair in the green grotto caves in Live & Let Die.... you'll need a secret door and a hidden book pull (and maybe a security guard called Nik Nak) to conceal your evil mission. 

Since introducing the uniquely designed Invisidoor Hinge Kit, which has been very popular, we have had so many requests for other unique bookcase accessories. We sourced the Secret Book Latches from a high quality supplier in the States and are thrilled to be able to offer it as part of our unique and growing product range.

Hidden lair secret bookcase door from the library ladder company

Invisidoor Hinge Kit

Our best-selling Invisidoor Hinge Kit is specially designed as a chunky, durable hinge allowing you to hang a heavy bookcase door and conceal your Bond lair beyond! This unique product allows for a full in-swing and out-swing giving you more space when the door is open.  

Invisidoor hinge kit by the library ladder company

Invisidoor Hinge Kit from the library ladder company

What would you hide behind your Secret Door?

A growing number of clients are having fun with bookcase doors to reveal awesome games rooms, secret cinemas, playrooms, gyms and even escape spa rooms! Don’t stop about a wine cellar, gun room or man cave?

Home cinema room from the library ladder company

Invisidoor Hinge Kit by the library ladder company   House & Garden secret bookcase door image

Image above c/o House & Garden

Other great ways to incorporate a Secret Door 

Dressing rooms, bootrooms (or shoe rooms!) pantries, children's playrooms, artist studio, quiet office spaces or reading rooms, yoga studios, bedrooms and so much more! 

Secret Book Latches

If you’re looking for a completely original interiors’ve just found it! Both fun and stylish, our new Secret Book Latches are pretending to be regular books on a bookshelf....until you pull them. This clever mechanism allows the book to open the door by simply rocking the door towards you to release the door catch. For gadget lovers, this is a winner and will remain completely undetected until you are ready to reveal the secret room beyond!  

Supplied as a complete kit which includes a black leather bound book, there is some easy assembly involved before you can play with your new product!

Secret Book Pull latch from the library ladder company

Unique features of the Secret Book Latches

  • Super fun and totally original product
  • Offers an extra level of security – no-one can access your door (unless they know which book to pull!)
  • Your shelving looks like a regular bookcase....but it’s not
  • The Secret Book Latch is part of a complete kit which includes the Invisidoor and hinge kit. The specially designed hinge allows for both in-swing and out-swings
  • The spring latch keeps the door closed and secure
  • The door can be opened from both inside and outside
  • High quality manufacture in the USA

Secret Book Pull latch from the library ladder company

Order the Complete Invisidoor Set

Secret Bookcase Book Pull £250

Invisidoor Hinge Kit £207



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