4 ways to incorporate dark blues into your home...

We all know how great all-white rooms can be, but it's time to embrace the dark side. Deep, dark colour schemes can give a room weight, depth and a surprisingly calming atmosphere. Whether you try moody blues in the bedroom or mossy greens in your living space, there are countless ways to embrace this year's big trend. 

Add a pop of dark blue

A great way to incorporate dark blues into a room is to keep some of your accents light and airy. As you can see from the image above, the pops of blue are kept from being overpowering in the room when paired with white furniture and bed linen. 

Mix up the trends 

From light, abstract decor to trendy Mid-century, sometimes it's impossible to pick just one style to get behind. And that's okay, because No Glitter No Glory proves you can mix and match and still make it work. The deep blue walls look perfect paired with the leather woven bench and amazing feature fireplace. Throw in the abstract wall art and you'll have a funky look that feels just the right amount of eclectic. 

Add moody accents 

A moody decor scheme doesn't have to be all-consuming. If you aren't ready to dive headfirst into this trend, why not try painting a large accent piece of furniture like this display cabinet - even adding extra blue tonnes on display. As in this picture adding some gold hardware really makes the dark blue tonnes pop, this is such an easy and great way to add some colour to a room.

Moody and modern 

This stylish and chic utility room proves that even a rustic farmhouse aesthetic can be moody—we adore the dark blue cabinets and doors. Pair a dark utility room with a fresh white wall and counter top with gold hardware and amazing gold tap as the centrepiece, your space will feel modern instead of gloomy. 

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