In a world where environmental consciousness is increasingly vital, the Library Ladder Company is proud to announce a transformative step in its commitment to sustainability: We have officially become Carbon Neutral. Our partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain marks a significant milestone as we strive to offset our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the planet. 
Planting Seeds of Change
Through our collaboration with Carbon Neutral Britain, a greener future is taking root. The heart of this partnership lies in our contribution to tree planting projects around the world. Our support translates to 20 trees being planted on our behalf within sustainable projects globally. This initiative extends beyond British Woodland creation, encompassing the preservation of the Amazon rainforest, the nurturing of mangrove and coastal forest species in Kenya, and numerous other vital efforts. With our sights set on planting 240 trees within a year, we're effectively reclaiming the equivalent of 1 acre of the Amazon Rainforest – a testament to our dedication to the environment's wellbeing.
Beyond Trees: A Holistic Approach
At the Library Ladder Company, we understand that addressing climate change requires a multifaceted strategy. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are not only investing in tree planting but also actively supporting United Nations Certified Emission Reduction Projects. By offsetting 1.25 tonnes of CO₂e, we're taking tangible steps towards a greener future. Our contributions extend to backing wind farms, solar farms, and other innovative projects that pave the way for renewable energy sources.
One Step Ahead: Monthly Carbon Offset
Our efforts don't end with a single action. By offsetting 1.25 tonnes of CO₂e, we're tackling the average monthly carbon emissions per person in Britain. This proactive approach ensures that our commitment to the environment isn't just a one-time gesture but a continuous journey towards sustainability.
Confronting the Culprit: Addressing CO₂ Emissions
It's a widely accepted fact that increased Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) emissions are the primary driver of global warming. The choices we make – from purchases to consumption – all play a role in the accumulation of CO₂e, amplifying the challenges posed by climate change. Recognising the urgency of this issue, the Library Ladder Company is committed to raising awareness about the collective impact of our choices.
Fostering Mindful Decision-Making for a Sustainable Future
In our pursuit of reducing our environmental footprint, we place sustainability at the forefront of our considerations. We engage in partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers who have taken proactive steps towards enhanced sustainability and have mapped out plans for ongoing improvements. By deliberately making informed choices, we actively play a role in shaping a brighter tomorrow, simultaneously providing our customers with products that resonate with their principles.

Ethical Sourcing for an Environmentally-Friendly Tomorrow 



At the core of our slatted wooden wall panels, ladders  and wooden handles lies an unwavering commitment to sustainability, embodied in our use of timber which is sourced from FSC forests. This emblem of responsible forest management guides us toward an ecologically balanced and socially just world. 

The manufacturer of the Purotouch wall panels has embraced renewable energy sources as a priority, achieving a full transition to renewable electricity consumption since 2021 and upholding carbon neutrality. Backed by a lifetime warranty, devoid of toxins, and packaged in 70% recycled cardboard. The Purotouch skirting boards are made of up to 50% recycled materials, nearly attaining the 2023 objective of 25% recycled content across all products. Moreover, the utilisation of 11% bio based elements, such as sugar cane and beets, is in effect, accompanied by ongoing experimentation with bio-circular materials. Purotouch's production techniques decrease wastage, ensuring the creation of exquisite wall panels while contributing to an ecologically healthier planet.
Mylands is deeply committed to reducing their environmental impact. For over a decade, they've been cutting back on chemicals and micro-plastics in their products, all while sticking with natural materials in their paints. Their forthcoming innovation is the Olive Stone Emulsion paint, featuring an impressive 56% bio-based content. It's arriving soon to our website.
October 11, 2023 — LL Company Marketing

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