If you’re tasked with a bathroom redesign or are starting from scratch, here are some original bathroom design ideas to get you thinking. Our range features some of the UK’s most unique interior products including sliding barn door hardware, secret door hinges, lightweight wall panelling and wall mouldings – it’s all in the detail! You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve for relatively little cost.

  1. Dado rail + panelling

Valleys No. 109 wall panelling by the library ladder company

Above: Panel No. 109 'Valleys' 

No. 120 Wall panel by the library ladder company

Above: Panel No. 120 

Wall panelling can add a whole new dimension to your bathroom. Create a feature with our range of 3D water-resistant wall panelling, easily hung below dado rail height with our recommended adhesive. Our panels are delivered primed and ready to paint whatever colour you like! For a more classic, restrained effect, paint it the same colour or tone as the walls. If you’re feeling brave, hang our panelling at alternate angles and paint in bold, contrasting colours.

We recommend No. 108 Zig Zags and also our classic No. 120 for a hotel vibe.

  1. Waterproof wall panelling – perfect for splashbacks

Ridges wall panelling by the library ladder company

Above: No. 109 'Valleys' wall panelling

No. 109 Valleys wall panelling by the library ladder company

Above: No. 109 Valleys wall panelling

Looking for bathroom splashback ideas? All of our wall panels are made from a lightweight, water resistant polyurethane which is ideal for bathroom splashbacks! 3D wall panelling is a much more modern choice than tiling which can become dated quite quickly. Grouting can stain and make your bathroom look tired, whereas wall panelling can be repainted to suit your mood. Hang it at different angles for a unique effect, or choose from five different profiles: valleys, ridges, hills, bars or zig zags.

We recommend No. 112 ‘Ridges’ which has a pleasingly organic ellipse effect.

No. 112 Ridges wall panelling by the library ladder company

No. 112 Ridges wall panelling by the library ladder company

Above: No. 112 Ridges wall panelling which has a pleasingly organic ellipse effect.

2. Wall mouldings

Above: wall moulding No. 103

For relatively little cost, applying wall mouldings to your bathroom can be transformative! Adding depth and a new dimension to a plain wall, this detail with make an enormous difference. Whether you live in a period property or not, it’s a nod to a classic interior and gives you the option to paint it in sympathetic or contrasting tones. A free standing bath looks elegant against the wall mouldings, but if your bath is set against the wall, bring the mouldings around the side for a cohesive effect.

3.Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding Barn Doors from the library ladder company

Would you like to create a downstairs bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite? Sliding barn doors allow you to do just that. The ultimate space saving product, our rolling barn door hardware is simple to fit and means you can hang the perfect style of door to suit your interior. With an unfussy, utilitarian design you’ll quickly appreciate the lack of swing from a traditional door. For a thoroughly contemporary but enduring bathroom design idea, we cannot recommend the sliding barn door highly enough!

Sliding barn door hardware is available in Matt Black £180.00

or Antique Gold £385.00

We also sell Bi-folding barn door kits in single and double doors.

4. Invisidoor

One of our latest and most unique products is the Invisidoor ‘Secret Door’ hinge kit. Seen here in a luxurious bathroom scheme, you can see that it offers you the option to upgrade your door with the advantage of additional bookshelf storage. A fun design feature in any room, it’s ideal for hiding a lavatory alongside your bathroom. Discretion is everything in a bathroom and this adds a certain gravitas to the whole experience.

When you need some extra help

All of our products can be used together and we are always delighted to quote for panelling, wall moulding and interior decor mouldings.

Please get in touch at info@thelibraryladdercompany.co.uk

All products are available to order online at www.llcompany.co.uk


Our Invisidoor Hinge Kit costs £207.00 and does not include the bookcase door.

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