Transforming the look of your home's interior has never been easier or more affordable than with DIY wall panelling. By adding depth and a touch of traditional and contemporary style, wall panels can make any room more visually appealing. Not only do they enhance your decor, but they also serve as a solution to cover uneven surfaces and imperfections. This easy guide will walk you through the process of wall panelling in just four simple steps, and we'll provide you with professional decorating tools to assist you along the way.
Choosing the Right Panels:
When it comes to panelling, we offer a great selection of Purotouch and slatted wooden wall panels. Purotouch panels are an excellent choice for interior walls in hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. On the other hand, MDF panels, while popular, are not suitable for moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms due to their lack of structural strength and heavier weight. The slatted wooden wall panels are pre-made and easy to attach, providing acoustic and thermal properties to your space.
Determining the Panelling Design:
To get started, decide on the design you want to create. You can either use pre-made panels or create a custom panelled design using wall mouldings. The thickness of the panelling is largely based on personal preference. If you're unsure, we offer samples of both pre-made panels and wall mouldings, allowing you to determine the best option for your design.
Easy Installation:
Contrary to common misconceptions, wall panelling is a simple task that anyone with basic DIY skills can accomplish. In fact, it's easier to install than tiles. Our pre-made wall panels can be easily cut and attached using adhesive since they are lightweight. The wooden slatted panels are also easy to cut, but they may require screws for attachment. The advantage of these panels is that no wall preparation is necessary, making them an ideal choice for quick and hassle-free wall transformations.
Essential Tools:
To ensure a smooth installation process, gather the following tools:

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Accurate Measurements


Measure the width of your wall multiple times to ensure accuracy. Sketch a design of how you want your panelled wall to look, which will help you visualise the end result and stay on track throughout the process.
Step 2: Preparation


Wall panelling can effectively conceal imperfections, so make sure the surface is free from dust before applying the adhesive. Sand down any noticeable flaws and wipe the surface clean.
Step 3: Attaching Panels (Creating a Traditional Shaker Style Design)


Begin with the base rail, using strong glue to secure each panel to the wall. Press down firmly for a secure fit and allow it to dry. Next, attach the top rail, followed by the side stiles that fit between the top and bottom rails. Use a spirit level to ensure they are straight before fixing them in place. Continue fitting the remaining stiles one by one and finish by adding horizontal rails between them. Ensure each panel is securely fixed before proceeding to the next.
Step 4: Painting


Our panels and mouldings come primed and ready for painting. Once the panels are securely attached, feel free to paint them in your desired finish, whether it be matt or gloss. Additionally, the panels and mouldings are easy to clean and maintain. 

Find Inspiration:

For inspiration, take a look at some stunning examples of wall panelling in various areas of the house:
Hallway Panelling

Transform your hallway into a welcoming space with textured and deep wall panelling. Consider using hallway paint to personalise your panelling.
Living Room Panelling
Add an elegant touch to your living room with wall panelling. Explore our range of living room paint for your panelling project.
Bedroom Wall Panelling

Create a luxurious ambiance in your bedroom by incorporating wall panelling. Pair it with bedroom paint to achieve your desired aesthetic.
Bathroom Wall Panelling

Smarten up your bathroom decor with textured and colourful panelling. Whether you choose full-wall or half-wall panelling, we have the perfect bathroom paint for your design.
With this straightforward DIY guide, we hope you feel confident in adding wall panelling to your home. It's an affordable and effective way to elevate your interior design. For more budget-friendly DIY tips and inspiration, check out our remarkable examples of wall panelling. If you have any questions or need assistance with measurements, please don't hesitate to contact us at
June 07, 2023 — LL Company Marketing

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