Bauform Interiors presents an exquisite guest bathroom design that combines warm peach tones, Terrazzo flooring, sleek black fittings, and innovative 3D wall panels to create a harmonious and contemporary oasis. This case study explores the design choices made by Bauform Interiors and highlights the seamless integration of colour, texture, and lighting to transform a windowless space into a visually stunning and inviting bathroom.

Design Elements

Warm Peach Toned Paint:
The choice of warm peach-toned paint for the walls sets the foundation for a cosy and inviting atmosphere. This colour creates a soothing backdrop while infusing the space with a touch of vibrancy, making guests feel welcome and comfortable.
Terrazzo Flooring:
The elegant Terrazzo flooring serves a dual purpose as both the splashback and the flooring material. Its beautiful peachy tones perfectly complement the wall colour, creating a sense of continuity and visual harmony within the bathroom. The Terrazzo's unique texture and speckled pattern add visual interest and contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.
Sleek Black Bathroom Fittings:
To add a touch of sophistication and contrast, sleek black bathroom fittings have been incorporated into the design. The black fixtures create a striking visual statement against the warm peach walls and Terrazzo flooring, elevating the overall aesthetic and infusing a modern touch into the space.
3D Wall Panels:
The innovative use of 3D wall panels, specifically the No. 109 - Valleys design, behind the bathroom sink and extending throughout the room and onto the ceiling, adds a captivating element to the bathroom's design. The lightweight panels not only provide visual interest but also serve as a contemporary alternative to traditional coving. By extending the wall panels onto the ceiling, a stunning ceiling design is achieved, enhancing the overall visual impact of the space.
LED Lighting:
Due to the absence of windows, LED lighting has been strategically incorporated to brighten and enhance the bathroom's ambiance. The use of LED lighting behind the mirror and along a bar fixture creates a play of light and shadow, accentuating the texture of the 3D wall panels. This lighting technique adds depth and dimension to the space while creating a captivating visual experience for guests.
No. 180 - Skirting:
To maintain a cohesive and streamlined design, Bauform Interiors opted for the No. 180 - Skirting as a modern and simple profile. The skirting, finished in the same colour as the walls, adds a finishing touch that seamlessly integrates with the overall design, ensuring a polished and harmonious aesthetic.
Bauform Interiors' guest bathroom design showcases the successful integration of various design elements to create a contemporary peach oasis. From the warm peach-toned walls and Terrazzo flooring to the sleek black bathroom fittings and innovative use of 3D wall panels, every choice has been carefully curated to transform a windowless space into a visually stunning and inviting bathroom. The strategic use of LED lighting adds a captivating touch, accentuating the texture and enhancing the overall ambiance. By combining aesthetics, functionality, and attention to detail, Bauform Interiors has created a guest bathroom that offers both style and comfort, ensuring a memorable experience for guests.
May 23, 2023 — LL Company Marketing

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