Coving Moulding No.991 - Curtain


Coving No. 990 is a large, plain lightweight curtain coving.  This plain cove shaped cornice has been specially designed to allow you to hide curtains behind when it comes to the windows of your room.  Simply install the cornice as usual around the room and when it comes to the wall where the window is positioned, bring it out onto the ceiling and away from the wall to desired projection.  The coving has been made with an extra flat piece on the ceiling section to allow for two glue fixings on the ceiling rather than one.  Very clever design which does away with the need for traditional curtain pelmets.

Product Info

11cm High (Wall) x 14cm Projection (Ceiling)

Length – 2 metres

Material – Lightweight Purotouch

Use our Adhesives to install the coving.


DESIGN IDEA – Elevate the impact this coving has by adding on a stepped moulding to the top or bottom edge. Pair this coving with the No.9900 moulding to create a large, elegant sweeping coving either against the wall or concealing curtains as a pelmet.