Regency Mouldings

Coving, Skirting, Wall Mouldings and Ceiling Roses

Our Regency Collection pays homage to the refined aesthetics of the Regency era, bringing a touch of timeless elegance and graceful grandeur to your interior spaces. This exquisite assortment includes Regency Coving, Skirting, Wall Mouldings, and Ceiling Roses, each meticulously crafted to capture the essence of a bygone era.

The Regency period, renowned for its opulent and tasteful design, has left an indelible mark on interior architecture. Our collection seamlessly blends the classic motifs and detailing of this era with precise craftsmanship, creating an ensemble that speaks of sophistication and style.

Regency Coving gracefully adorns your ceilings, adding depth and character to your rooms, while the Skirting elegantly frames your walls, infusing them with a sense of grandeur. Wall Mouldings provide a sophisticated touch, allowing you to create unique accents within your spaces. The Ceiling Roses, with their ornate beauty, become the focal point, commanding attention with their intricate design.

Each piece in our Regency Collection is a testament to meticulous artistry and a tribute to timeless design. Whether you're restoring a historic home or infusing a modern space with the allure of a bygone era, this collection provides the perfect finishing touch.

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Regency FAQs

What is a Regency profile in interior design and architecture?

A Regency profile is a decorative moulding characterised by its geometric and linear design elements, often featuring squares, rectangles, and other geometric shapes. It is associated with the Regency era, which was influenced by ancient Greek and Roman design.

Where are Regency profiles commonly used in interior design?

Regency profiles are often used in various architectural features, including cornices, chair rails, and wainscoting. They are used to create a sense of classical order and symmetry in interior spaces.

Can Regency profiles be used in various design styles, or are they primarily associated with specific aesthetics?

Regency profiles are versatile and can be adapted to a wide range of interior design styles. While they are often associated with Regency and neoclassical designs, their clean lines and geometric shapes can complement both traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

How can I style my interior using Regency profiles?

Regency profiles can be used to create a sense of order and symmetry in a room. They work well in spaces with high ceilings and can be applied as cornices, chair rails, or as part of wainscoting to achieve a classic and organised appearance.

Are there variations of Regency profiles, or do they have a standard design?

Regency profiles come in various designs and configurations. You can choose from different geometric patterns and sizes to suit your specific design preferences and project requirements.

Do Regency profiles have historical significance in design?

Regency profiles are associated with the Regency era in England, which drew inspiration from ancient Greek and Roman design. They have been used to convey a sense of classical order and refinement.