Secret Bookcase Book Pull (Invisidoor)


You will have seen the Invisidoor Hinge Kit in our range that allows you to create a bookcase that is secretly hiding a doorway into another room. Now we are excited to share a brand new additional product to this Invisidoor range. A secret book pull to open your bookcase door! The mechanism has been designed so the door pull is masked as a book on your shelf. The latch means that the door is securely closed when in position and when you want to open the door you simply pull/rock the secret book towards you and this releases the door catch. Talk about awesome!

If you want to impress your family or customers then this book pull is the ultimate gadget to reveal your secret lair.

- Works with both in-swing and out-swing applications.
- Comes with everything needed to install to include the book.
- Some assembly required
- Spring latch keeps the door closed.
- Door can be opened easily when on the inside of your room