Secret Bookcase Book Pull | Compatible with Invisidoor Hinge Kit


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Works with both in-swing and out-swing applications.

Some assembly required


Prepare to be amazed by the latest addition to our Invisidoor range! You're already familiar with our Invisidoor Hinge Kit, the innovative solution that transforms your ordinary bookcase into a hidden doorway. Now, introducing our newest product: the Invisidoor Secret Book Pull, designed to elevate your hidden door experience to a whole new level of intrigue and sophistication.

Picture this: a seemingly ordinary book on your shelf, discreetly concealing the entrance to another room. Our Secret Book Pull is ingeniously crafted to blend seamlessly with your book collection. The clever mechanism ensures that the door pull remains incognito, masquerading as just another book, adding an element of mystery to your space.

Unlocking your secret passage has never been this effortless. With a gentle pull or rock, the disguised book releases the door catch, granting you access to the hidden room. The satisfaction of revealing your concealed doorway is nothing short of awe-inspiring – it's like stepping into a world of secrets and surprises right within your home!

Impress your family, friends, or customers with this ultimate gadget. Whether you're designing a secret library, a hidden home office, or a mysterious escape room, the Invisidoor Secret Book Pull is the perfect finishing touch. It's not just a functional accessory; it's a conversation starter, an intriguing element that adds a touch of magic to your space.

Key Features:

Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with both in-swing and out-swing applications, ensuring flexibility in your design choices.

All-Inclusive Kit: The Secret Book Pull comes complete with everything you need, including the book itself, for a hassle-free installation experience.

Easy Operation: The spring latch keeps the door securely closed, and opening the door from the inside of your room is effortless, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Intriguing Design: Crafted to seamlessly blend with your book collection, the Secret Book Pull adds an air of mystery and sophistication to your hidden door.

Prepare to astound and delight with the Invisidoor Secret Book Pull. Elevate your hidden doorway experience and embrace the magic of concealed passages within your own home. A world of secrets awaits – are you ready to enter?

Comes with everything needed to install to include the book.

Door can be opened easily when on the inside of your room

Comes with everyting needed to install to include the book.

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What exactly is a secret book pull?

The secret book pull is a hidden mechanism designed to look like a book on a shelf, but it functions as a lever or handle that, when pulled, opens a secret door or access point.

Can the secret book pull be customised to look like any book?

Yes, it can be customised to resemble any book in terms of cover design, and even the material to match the surrounding books on the shelf for a seamless integration.

What are the common uses for the secret book pull?

It's often used as an element of intrigue and secrecy in home interiors, leading to hidden rooms like game rooms, home theaters, wine cellars, or even just a private study or office.

Can the secret book pull be retrofitted into an existing bookcase?

Yes, the secret book pull can indeed be added to existing bookcases. It's designed to be adaptable, allowing for installation in various bookcase setups.

How difficult is it to install a secret book pull?

Installing a secret book pull can vary in complexity based on the bookcase and its structure. While it's feasible for some DIY enthusiasts, we highly recommend seeking professional advice or assistance, especially if you're unsure about the installation process. It's a safeguard to ensure proper installation and functionality.