As we reflect on the second quarter of the year, we are excited to share some notable developments and insights into emerging micro-sales trends.

Our observations from April through June reveal a continued and enthusiastic embrace of character-rich interior design elements.


A standout trend is the persistent and growing demand for coving, along with a steady increase in sales of ceiling roses. This aligns perfectly with our previous market analysis, reinforcing the notion that customers are increasingly keen on adding distinctive character and classical charm to their interiors.



In addition to the above, we've observed a notable rise in the popularity of antique brass and oil-rubbed bronze finishes. Sales of handles, latches, and cabinet pulls in these finishes have outpaced other options, reflecting a clear preference for these rich, warm tones that add a touch of sophistication and vintage appeal.



Moreover, this quarter has seen a significant collaboration with a diverse range of talented designers and joinery companies. We are proud to see our products being installed in an array of commercial settings. High-end hotels, elegant wine shops, and a variety of cafes and restaurants have all opted for our products, enhancing their spaces with timeless and stylish details.



Overall, the second quarter has underscored a vibrant trend towards classic aesthetics and intricate detailing, both in residential and commercial spaces. We are thrilled with these developments and look forward to continuing to provide products that inspire and meet the evolving tastes of our customers.

Wishing you continued success and prosperity in the months ahead!

July 09, 2024 — LL Company Marketing

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