Nestled in the heart of Maida Vale, London, the Randolph Avenue Project is a magnificent example of architectural and interior design prowess. Moxy and Co, a dynamic team of architects and interior designers, embarked on a journey to breathe new life into a Grade II listed mansion block dating back to 1860. Their aim? To combine two dated flats into one unified dwelling while reinstating the lost grandeur of this historic building, all in a modern, elegant, light, and airy style.

We'll delve into the details of this remarkable project, asking designer Ethan at Moxy & Co. about the property, the design process, and the challenges faced.

What was the starting point for the design?

The starting point for this transformative project was a client with a unique vision. The client desired a purposeful lack of colour in the décor to allow her furniture and art to take centre stage. She also wanted to revive the lost grandeur of the building through the inclusion of period detailing such as wall panelling, cornicing, doors, skirtings, and architraves. However, the challenge was to achieve this in a stylish modern way, avoiding trite pastiche.

How would you describe the style of this project and design brief?

The style of the Randolph Avenue Project is best described as clean and elegant. It is characterised by a distinct lack of ornate elements that could potentially overwhelm the space. The absence of colour itself serves as a powerful statement, complemented by features like crittall doors, antique brass spindles, and tasteful period detailing. This design approach strikes a delicate balance between modernity and historic charm.

How did you decide on which products were best for your scheme?

The choice of products for the project was a result of careful selection and collaboration with trusted suppliers. The team at Moxy and Co regularly works with suppliers who have proven their quality and reliability. In the case of the panelling, precedent images were provided to the Library Ladder Company early in the project. Their expertise and suggestions ensured that the chosen products harmonised perfectly with the design vision, and samples were presented for the client's approval.

How did you find fitting the products?

The installation of the selected products was a smooth process, thanks to the expertise of Moxy and Co's contractors. However, it's worth noting that estimating the required amount of materials was not without its challenges, we recommend always accounting for potential wastage when planning for such projects.

Can you offer your expert advice/top tips on how to get the right proportions for your panelled area?

The key to achieving the right proportions for panelled areas lies in meticulous planning and accurate measurements. In the case of the Randolph Avenue Project, CAD drawings of every wall in the flat were created and presented to the client for approval. The most challenging aspect was ensuring that the panelling on the staircase, with its angles and turns, was executed flawlessly. The use of CAD drawings and careful planning was crucial in avoiding potential disasters in this complex area of the project.

The Randolph Avenue Project by Moxy and Co stands as a shining example of architectural and interior design excellence. From its humble beginnings as two dated flats to its current state of modern elegance, this Grade II listed mansion block has been meticulously transformed. The project is a testament to the ability to revive the grandeur of the past while embracing a modern design ethos.

If you're embarking on a similar project or seeking inspiration for your next design endeavour, the Randolph Avenue Project is a beacon of innovation, showcasing the art of combining timeless charm with contemporary flair. For more information and to witness the full extent of this stunning transformation, be sure to explore Moxy and Co's website.

October 24, 2023 — LL Company Marketing

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