In a recent project, our interior ladder featured in a kitchen project put together by the talented folks at NJC Kitchens. This family-run company is all about crafting uniquetop-notch kitchens that are a cut above the rest. Their collaboration with Hacker, renowned for their luxury German-made kitchens, introduces a touch of elegance to homes.

With 20 years of experience in creating custom furniture, NJC Kitchens holds a prominent position among the finest kitchen companies in the UK. They've got an eye for crafting designs that are both sophisticated and functionalRegardless of the spatial constraintsNJC Kitchens demonstrates the expertise to tailor the perfect kitchen solution.

We were really curious to dig deeper into NJC Kitchens' design process. What made them go for our interior ladder in this specific project? And, more intriguingly, how do they take a customer's ideas and turn them into reality?

  1. Please give us some details about what you offer your clients. 
Welcome to our family-owned business, NJC Kitchens where luxury and sophistication converge in our German made kitchens by Hacker. With meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering attention to detail, our kitchens exceed expectations, seamlessly blending functionality and elegance. Experience the finest materials and cutting-edge features that elevate your home to new heights.

With prices ranging from £35,000-£65,000 per kitchen, we understand the value our discerning clientele places on both the end result and the journey of creating their dream space. Our dedicated team of experts ensures a seamless and personalised experience from start to finish.

 Whether you desire modern sleekness or timeless allure, NJC Kitchens offer endless possibilities to transform your space into a culinary masterpiece. Discover our family business synonymous with unrivalled quality, exquisite design, and exceptional service. Redefine the extraordinary in kitchen design and bring your culinary dreams to life.


  1. What are your favourite kinds of kitchens to design? What is your favourite/must have feature to include in a kitchen at the moment?

We take great pleasure in crafting diverse kitchen designs, revelling in moments when our clients have the luxury of exploring every possibility and embracing the thrill of challenging their own imagination. It is during these cherished moments that true creativity flourishes, allowing us to curate extraordinary spaces that surpass expectations. Our passion lies in guiding our clients through a journey of exploration and discovery, as they uncover the hidden gems of their unique kitchen vision. Together, we embrace the joy of collaboration, transforming challenges into opportunities and witnessing the birth of truly remarkable kitchens.


  1. What brief did your client give you for this design which gave you the idea to include a ladder? Or did they specifically request one?

In response to the brief for a shaker kitchen that seamlessly balances practicality for a family of four with breathtaking aesthetics, we've meticulously crafted a design that exudes both elegance and functionality. The inclusion of a library ladder and the captivating bulkhead above the range cooker elevates the space, infusing it with intrigue and a touch of whimsy. Prepare to be captivated by a kitchen that effortlessly marries practicality with stunning visual appeal, making it a true masterpiece in every sense.


  1. What materials/finishes/scheme did the client request for the ladder/kitchen?

The client requested a captivating scheme for their kitchen, featuring a dark grey ash door complemented by Calcutta Royal gold worktops. To infuse warmth, the ladder and pantry unit introduce inviting tones. The result is a meticulously curated space that exudes elegance and sophistication, where materials and finishes harmonise seamlessly to create a truly enchanting ambiance.


  1. What benefits did the ladder give to this project?

The ladder in this project offers not only practical benefits but also a profound sense of individuality to the kitchen. While its practicality allows for easy access to high storage areas, the true value lies in the distinctive character it brings to the space. The presence of the ladder adds a touch of uniqueness, infusing the kitchen with a sense of personal style and charm. It becomes a statement piece that sets the kitchen apart, elevating its design and creating a space that truly reflects the client's individuality.


    NJC Kitchens has taken kitchen design to a whole new level, blending luxurious German craftsmanship with an incredible attention to detail.

    We've been peeling back the layers on their design process and discovered their love for mixing diverse kitchen styles and their commitment to guiding clients through a collaborative journey, keeping things fun and inspiring. They thrive on turning challenges into opportunities, creating spaces that are not just practical but also have character and charm.

    Looking at this kitchen design, where our library ladder has been used, it's proof that these ladders are extremely versatile, not confined to just libraries but perfectly at home in kitchens too. Sure, they're fantastic for reaching those high-up storage nooks (that's a given), but they also bring an aesthetic touch to the space – blending functionality with style.

    Speaking of partnerships, we're all about building strong connections with our trade customers. We're genuinely passionate  and excited about seeing how they incorporate our products into their projects. If you would like to join our trade club - receive exclusive discounts and content – just fill out our form and become a member!


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    August 09, 2023 — LL Company Marketing

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