An elegant home office for an academic designed by Nook Design 

Continuing our guest blog series, speaking to clients and exploring their recent projects, we're delighted to share this practical, elegant and comfortable office-library scheme by Nook Design
  1. Tell us about your business and what makes it special? 

We manufacture and install truly bespoke fitted furniture. With no standard sizes everything we make is designed and built to fit as required. We employ all our staff, workshop, installers and electrician, with no sub-contractors we can control everything we do and build a team all working in the same direction.

Probably most importantly however we are all obsessed with customer service and client contact, we keep our customers fully informed during all phases of the project and give daily updates during the installation process. We think of our clients as friends and treat them as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

Library and snug by Nook Design

  1. You recently used one of our library ladders in a library scheme - was this integral to the design and how did you pull it all together? 

We have used Library Ladder Company ladder kits on several occasions and love the quality and versatility of the product range. Our latest project was a home office for an academic client with huge book collection in a lovely town house in the North East coastal town of Tynemouth. The library ladder was crucial to the design due to the high ceilings and requirements to use as much of the available wall space as possible, even over the angled door. We incorporated  LED lighting above the library ladder rail to light the higher sections of the bookcases and bounce light back off the ceiling.

  1. What did you like about the ladder system?

First of all it’s extremely well made, feels study and gives the client great confidence when climbing high up to top shelves. The fact that there are different colour combinations allows us to use them in different design styles, and the wide assortment of fixings and fittings make the system extremely versatile to fit all shapes and sizes of room.

Library ladder used in a scheme by Nook Design

  1. What comes first - function or style? 

Sorry to say, it’s an equal first for both from our perspective.

However we are guided by our prospective clients and certainly some certainly put style in front of function, whilst others creating home offices for example need function first.

  1. What was the most popular home addition you were asked for during lockdown? 

Home working solutions without doubt have soared in popularity, as so many people started working from home during lockdown on their kitchen table or dining room and as their situation became more permanent needed a dedicated space to work.

A home office scheme by Nook Design

  1. Which is the most satisfying part of your job?

Whilst we all love the design stage, and love seeing the end result of our labours, the best part is getting to know our customers and being part of their lives for a short while.

So many times we carry out one project for someone and then another and then another, it’s lovely going back to see people who we have worked with before and already got to know.

Nook Design used a standard height hook over library ladder in their scheme. The ladder is supplied as rounded chamfered timber and its been paired with a matt black hardware rail. 

About Nook Design

Nook Design have been designing, building and installing, furniture and timber buildings for over thirty years and have the skills and reputation for high-quality bespoke projects and outstanding customer service. They use our expertise to create unique, visually attractive yet practical home working solutions, studies, hallways, bootrooms, utility rooms, alcoves, libraries, under staircase solutions, staircases and bedrooms. 

Each design is built and installed specifically for the client, created from concise drawings and a fixed price quotation. 

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