Half - Moon Knob | Arched Door Knob | Interior Door Knob | 80mm Door Knob Length


Made to order in four weeks

High quality finish

Made in England


Introducing the exquisite Half-Moon Knob, a sophisticated addition designed to elevate interior doors. With an 80mm length and a graceful half-moon shape, this knob epitomises understated elegance and practical functionality. Paired with your choice of rose—Plain Rose or Rim Rose, both 60mm in diameter—it seamlessly merges a curved design with versatile rose options, enhancing the visual appeal of any interior space. Crafted for both style and ease, this knob offers a comfortable grip while seamlessly integrating its arched design into daily functionality. Embrace sophistication with this knob, where the half-moon shape meets a selection of roses, adding a refined touch to your interior doors.

Available in: Satin Nickel, Satin Brass, Polished Brass, Polished Nickel, Imitation Bronze Metal Antique, Light Antique Brass, Smoked Brass & Zero Black. 

We recommend: This adaptable Half-Moon Knob is perfect for interior doors aspiring for a touch of understated sophistication. It beautifully complements various door styles, from traditional panelled entrances to sleek contemporary designs, enhancing their visual appeal. Pair it with versatile paint shades like soft cream or charcoal grey for a subtle contrast, or integrate it into classic or modern interior design styles for a cohesive look that exudes both refinement and timeless charm.

 The Crescent Knob is available with rose design: 

Plain Rose - 60mm diameter rose

Rim Rose - 60mm diameter rose

Handcrafted and beautifully finished ironmongery.

Supplied with matching fixings.

A choice of 10 amazing finishes.

About the Manufacturer

The manufacturer specialises in crafting luxury British-made architectural ironmongery, traditionally handcrafted and beautifully finished. This family-run business boasts a rich heritage in producing architectural hardware dating back to 1868. Even after five generations, the manufacturer remains based in the UK, with their highly skilled workforce located in Britain's West Midlands. Their enduring commitment to creating top-quality architectural hardware has established this UK-based company as an internationally acclaimed brand.

Attributes & Quality

British-made handcrafted ironmongery, encompassing door handles, knobs, and flush handles, embodies a commitment to precision and excellence. Crafted by skilled artisans, these pieces boast meticulous attention to detail, showcasing intricate designs that blend functionality with artistry. Utilising high-quality materials like solid brass and iron, each item exudes durability, promising both aesthetic allure and enduring performance. The fusion of traditional techniques with innovative designs results in bespoke options, allowing for personalised finishes and sizes to complement diverse architectural needs.

These handcrafted ironmongery pieces not only signify superior craftsmanship but also embody a heritage deeply rooted in time-honored methods. Their hand-finished finesse and reliability ensure smooth operation and longevity. With each handle and knob, a story unfolds—a narrative of tradition, artistry, and reliability, making British-made ironmongery not just functional components but enduring pieces of timeless elegance.

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For orders over £600 - delivery will be free.

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