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Timeless elegance, monochrome interiors, modern mixed with classic period features .... it's a style to strive for. 

Our interiors products will lift your interior from average to elegant - it's all in the detail. From deep skirtings, bold cornicing to wall mouldings and textured panelling

Elegant Town Style by the Library Ladder Company

Six Elegant Town Style Products 

Ridges textured wall panelling from the Library Ladder Company

1. Wall Panel No. 112 - Ridges 


Decorative wall panel No. 112, aptly named Ridge, features a textured, ridged surface which creates a light and shadow effect. This stunning panel can be used both vertically or horizontally. Create a floor to ceiling wall panel or use as a standard height panel below either a picture rail or a dado rail. This panel can also be used as cladding for furniture or plain doors to add a contemporary detail. Why not try using it on a ceiling instead of standard ceiling tiles? Personalise it with your own colour paint, as seen with this lovely olive green here, seen to promote wellbeing. 

There are many benefits of our textured wall panelling: 

- it's lightweight and easy to install

- Waterproof, therefore it's ideal for bathrooms or kitchens 

- Spray paint or paint by hand on-site after the panels have been fitted 

- Can be used to 'cover over' walls which are in poor condition 

- 200cm tall x 25cm wide x 12cm projection

What are the panelling products made of? Purotouch! Read our blog about it here.  

No. 156 skirting by the library ladder company

2. Skirting No. 156 


This stunning skirting board is a tall, classic Ogee style design. This is the tallest profile in our skirting range and is suitable for Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian properties with high ceilings. It's high durability makes it equally suitable for restaurants, hotels and retail store design. It is elegantly tall with a soft ogee shaped profile. Waterproof, impact resistant and primed ready for a final coat of paint. 

20cm high x 1.6cm deep x 2 metres in length. 

No. 40 ceiling rose by the library ladder company

3. Classic Ceiling Rose No. 40 


This beautifully elegant, large ceiling rose features a relief of simple concentric rings. Its scale means it can be used in bedrooms, hallways or living rooms. At 74.5cm in diameter, it can conceal wiring or uneven surfaces. Because it's made from lightweight Purotouch, it can be installed quickly and easily. These kind of details will really lift your interior from average to elegant. 

  wall moulding no. 8020 from the library ladder company

4. Wall Moulding No. 8020


This is one of our best-selling wall panel mouldings with a pleasing rounded profile making it perfect for use in almost any interior. It suits both highly contemporary and more traditional schemes and can be used as a simple dado rail, a ceiling astragal or to create plain wall panelling for a gallery wall. Our mouldings are very easy to cut and we have a plain, curved corner piece (No. 801c) which can be used when creating panels on the walls or ceiling. We also have a flexible version of this product which is ideal for curved walls, bay windows, archways and alcoves. 

2.6cm projection x 6cm high x 2m long. 

No. 4025 wall moulding from the library ladder company

5. Wall Moulding No. 4025 


This wall moulding has a more chunky design and features a sculptured profile which goes perfectly with our Autoire wall panels. The moulding design is exactly the same allowing you to customise any additional wall panels where standard sized panels don't fit. The flexible moulding style can also be used to create curved panelling on curved walls or as a dado rail for curved walls. 

3.4cm projection x 8.3cm high x 2m long. 

No. 383 modern cornice moulding by the library ladder company

5. Modern Cornice Moulding No. 383 (Uplighting) 


This clever coving is medium-large sized linear uplighting / downlighting and one of the latest LED designs from our Modern Collection. The ultra contemporary and simple linear design means you can incorporate LED lighting into your interior to create stunningly atmospheric lighting. 

No. 383 has been designed to fully integrate with our other profiles No. 380, 381 and 382 to help you be creative with light and shadow in your interior. These profiles can be used as uplighting, downlighting, dado rails or even vertical wall mouldings. 

Ceiling panelling from the library ladder company

6. Ceiling Panelling No. 30  


Nothing will shout city elegance more than panelling your ceiling. The typical period feature of high townhouse ceilings will allow for this kind of bold design, which in fact, will be entirely elegant. 

No. 30 panels are a simple, recessed design in a classic shaker style. The pleasing square dimension means you can tile any ceiling easily, not worrying about the weight and then painting it to your own taste to suit your scheme. 

Of course these panels can also be used on walls, floor to ceiling or below a dado rail. 

59.5cm Wide x 59.5cm High x 4.3cm deep.

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