No.98 Paint | Mews Blue


Mews Blue - A light Blue Grey Paint

Introducing No.98 Paint | Mews Blue, a subtle and refined blue-grey hue. This light blue-grey paint embodies a delicate and gentle nature, ideal for imparting a soft and classic ambiance to any space. Its pale and delicate characteristics offer a timeless allure, bringing a serene calmness and subtle interest to its surroundings. No.98 Paint | Mews Blue serves as the perfect choice for those seeking a soft and calming touch, infusing spaces with a gentle yet captivating presence.

We recommend: Mews Blue, a classic and soft blue paint, suits living rooms and bedrooms exquisitely, offering a serene ambiance. Applying this lovely pale blue shade to all walls creates a tranquil and inviting space. Pair it with elegant wall panelling to elevate sophistication, accentuated by detailed mouldings, coving, and skirting for a refined and charming appearance. Incorporating this serene colour into ceiling roses adds a touch of elegance, perfect for those seeking a harmonious and soothing interior design. Transform your space with Mews Blue, seamlessly integrating intricate design elements for a calming and sophisticated atmosphere.

Similar Colours: No.11, No.151, or No.112. Also see the Blue Paint collection for more inspiration.

Perfect Paint Colour For: Bathroom, Nursery, Accent Walls, Reception Areas and Meditation Rooms

Use White Primer and Undercoat.

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