No.78 Paint | Enamel Blue


Enamel Blue - A striking Light Blue Paint

Introducing No.78 Paint | Enamel Blue, a vividly pigmented, light, and radiant blue hue. This captivating shade is meticulously crafted from a blend of white, black, and violet, resulting in a strikingly serene colour that catches the eye. No.78 Paint | Enamel Blue offers a bright and bold tone, elevating spaces with its remarkable and vibrant presence. Ideal for those seeking a standout light blue, this hue infuses spaces with an eye-catching vibrancy that's both captivating and serene.

We recommend: No.78 Paint | Enamel Blue is perfect for adding vibrancy and colour to a children's bedroom or playroom, infusing a playful and pretty blue hue. Consider accentuating this hue with wall panelling to amplify its impact, complemented by charming mouldings, coving, and skirting for a whimsical touch. Incorporate this lively colour into ceiling roses to create an immersive and delightful atmosphere, ideal for spaces seeking a vibrant and playful ambiance. Transform your interiors with No.78, seamlessly integrating intricate design elements for a lively and cheerful space that sparks imagination.

Similar Colours: No.232, No.67, or No.213. Also see the Blue Paint collection for more inspiration.

Perfect Paint Colour For: Children's Bedroom, Accent Walls, Dressing Room, Daycares or Preschools

Use Light Grey Primer and Undercoat.

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