About Quiet Glide

Quiet Glide specialises in manufacturing high-quality sliding door hardware,
rolling library ladders, and barn door hardware. The manufacturer offers a
fantastic range of library ladders that are known for their smooth and quiet
operation. These ladders are often used in libraries, offices, and homes with
tall bookshelves or storage areas that require frequent access.

Quiet Glide is an innovative technology that originates from Wisconsin, USA,
designed to make ladder and door hardware that operate smoothly and quietly.
The products are equipped with this patented technology, and have undergone
rigorous 10,000 cycle tests to guarantee their durability over a lifetime of
use. Each component, from the metal-work to the steam-bent handrails of the
sliding ladders, is meticulously crafted by skilled American artisans using
advanced manufacturing techniques.

Overall, Quiet Glide is known for producing high-quality, durable, and
stylish sliding door hardware that enhances the functionality and appearance of
any space.

Ladders & Ironmongery

Quiet Glide's rolling library ladders are one of their most popular products. These ladders are made from the highest quality materials and are available in a range of finishes to match any decor. The ladders are designed to roll smoothly and quietly along a track that is mounted to the wall or ceiling, making it easy to access high shelves and other hard-to-reach areas.

One of the key features of Quiet Glide ladders is their rolling mechanism, which allows the ladder to glide smoothly and quietly along a rail attached to the bookshelf or storage unit. The ladder is typically made of wood or metal and is available in a range of finishes and designs to match different styles of decor.

Another advantage of Quiet Glide ladders is their safety features. They often come with locking mechanisms that keep the ladder securely in place when in use, and can also include non-slip treads and handrails for added stability.

Rolling Door Ironmongery

Quiet Glide is also well known for producing high-quality sliding door hardware for residential and commerical use. The range includes a wide choice of sliding door hardware products, including barn door hardware, bi-folding door hardware and secret bookcase door hardware.

The company's sliding door hardware is designed to reduce noise and vibration, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home or business with stylish and functional sliding doors.

Quiet Glide's sliding door hardware is made from high-quality materials, including solid steel and aluminium, and they are available in a variety of finishes to march ant decor.