The most important decision you will make in your bedroom design is your headboard. After all, it’s the focal point of the room and the starting point for a whole scheme. Make a statement with a unique design choice to elevate your interior. Our four unique headboard ideas are super stylish and unlikely to be found in many other bedrooms! 

  1. Create a headboard using interior mouldings

Interior decorative mouldings by the library ladder company

Our large range of interior decor mouldings can help you to create a really elegant headboard or focal wall in your bedroom. The image above illustrates the potential to design something spectacular, using symmetrical placing and bold paint colour. For relatively little cost, our interior wall mouldings are a shrewd design investment, easy to cut and install with our recommended adhesives.

Read our blog about how to design a gallery wall, with top tips for measuring and laying it out on the floor before you hang it!

  1. Textured panelling creates an amazing headboard

3D wall panelling by the library ladder company

We are excited to introduce a new collection of textured wall panelling including Zig Zags No.108 as shown in the image. These lightweight panels (200 x 25cm) can be cut and hung in multiple directions and used in conjunction with our LED lighting collection to create a really unique headboard or focal wall. They are primed and ready to paint in any colour that suits your scheme.

Other 3D designs include Valleys No. 109, Ridges No. 112 and Bars No. 111. As their names suggest, the panels are moulded with various pleasing and ergonomic profiles. They are incredibly popular in children’s bedrooms and as bathroom splashbacks due to their water resistancy.  

  1. Achieve a classic elegance with a wall panelled headboard

wall panelling by the library ladder company

Use our Shaker style classic wall panelling to best effect in a bedroom. The image here shows our panelling used to frame a fabric headboard to create a super elegant scheme. They are equally effective used on their own as their rectangular profile imitates a traditional headboard shape. For a bit of hotel luxury, we recommend using No. 120 and No. 121 from floor to ceiling, alongside our cornice collection and door mouldings.

1. LED cornice lighting collection by the library ladder company

2. LED cornice lighting collection by the library ladder company

  1. Introduce hidden LED lighting to create a unique headboard

Lighting is a fundamental feature of bedroom design and is one of the first elements to consider. Our LED lighting collection lends itself extremely well to the requirement for soft, mood lighting enabling relaxation and promoting healthy sleeping patterns. Soft uplighting can be achieved by hiding LED caballing beneath our specially designed cornice moulding (as shown in image 2). 

Another way to achieve unique headboard lighting effects (as shown in image 1) is to use LED lighting alongside our 3D wall panelling and interior decor mouldings. If you’re not sure where to start, make use of our new Design Service where we can offer you room quotes, product bundle specifications and CAD drawings to help you visualise your room.

LED lighting by the library ladder company

LED lighting collection by the library ladder company

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