Astragal Wall & Ceiling Moulding | No. 103 | 2.5cm x 200cm


Delivery 2-3 days

Colour: White primed and ready for painting

Material: Duropolymer


2.5cm High (Wall) x 1.2cm Projection x 200cm Length

Moulding No.103 is a versatile moulding profile that suits a range of interior design styles and homes. Its elegant and delicate profile makes it an ideal choice for those who appreciate Classic, Traditional, or Cottagecore aesthetics. If you are creating a panelled wall design with this moulding, combine it with Wall Moulding No. 103a, which is a pre-made corner piece, saving you time on mitering. This moulding is well-suited for spaces that value a delicate and old-world look, providing an opportunity to infuse a sense of vintage grace into the decor.

We recommend: To create a wall panelling look, leave gaps between your panels of between 70mm - 100mm for classical design. Use masking tape to design your layout directly onto your walls to help determine the perfect sizes for your room and space. Consider creating decorative archways on your walls using the flexible version of this moulding.

When choosing your paint colours, soft pink, pale blue, or mint green create a charming and gentle ambiance that complements the delicate design. Incorporating vintage finishes like weathered ivory or antique beige can further enhance the old-world charm, contributing to the overall delicate and refined aesthetic.

Similar Styles: No. 120No. 9040 or No. 4020. Also see Modern Country Home Moulding styles for more inspiration.

Perfect Moulding For: Bedrooms, Dressing Rooms, Boutiques, Victorian Tearooms, Bridal Suites, Art Studios and Galleries.

Flexible Version: If you have a bay window, archway or curved wall, this is a great option. The flex moulding is bendable and can flex is both directions. The tightest radius this product can flex to is: R=20cm (R*=80cm) See more info in the product images.

Lightweight & easy to install using adhesive - no screws required.

Cuts just like wood - use a fresh bladed hand or circular saw.

Spray paint or paint by hand on-site after fitting.


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Duropolymer Material

Durpolymer is made from high-impact, high density polystyrene material. The unique properties of duropolymer wall panelling and mouldings make it lightweight, long lasting, water - resistant and incredibly easy to work with. Its lightweight nature means that it can be easily installed without the need for heavy lifting equipment, making it an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts.

Duropolymer is also an eco-friendly material and does not emit any harmful substances. This makes it safe for use in homes and other indoor environments.

Moreover, Duropolymer is highly durable and long-lasting, thanks to its resistance to moisture and impact. It also boasts excellent thermal insulation properties, which can help reduce energy consumption in homes.

In conclusion, Duropolymer is an excellent choice for interior designers and architects looking for a versatile, durable, and eco-friendly material for creating decorative elements in homes and other indoor spaces.

Environmental Commitment & Credentials

Duropolymer boasts impressive environmental credentials that make it a sustainable choice for interior design and architecture projects. Firstly, the production of Duropolymer uses 100% renewable energy, reducing its carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

Additionally, 12% of the raw materials used in the production of Duropolymer are recycled or bio-based, further reducing its environmental impact. This commitment to sustainable sourcing helps to reduce waste and conserve natural resources.

Duropolymer is also free from toxic products such as asbestos, cyanides, and formaldehyde. This makes it a safe material to use in indoor environments, ensuring the health and well-being of building occupants.

Overall, the use of Duropolymer in interior design and architecture projects demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Its use of renewable energy, sustainable sourcing of raw materials, and absence of toxic products make it an eco-friendly choice for those looking to reduce their impact on the environment.

The manufacturers have conformed to certification no: EN ISO 14001 since 2010, and at that point also invested in a large solar power plant, and a recycling unit. They operate in an environmentally responsible way, and in compliance with all relevant environmental EU legislation.  This reflects in all aspects of the materials and energy management.

Positive Investments

In 2020 the manufacturer spent 800,000 Euros adding to their solar power energy production by filling the acres around the factory with solar panels, which work alongside the solar panels on the factory roof.

Ongoing Commitments

+ Reduce usage of all kinds of waste, and maximise re-use of internal waste.

+ Strive to maximise the use of eco-friendly products and materials.

+ Reduce energy consumption by improving internal work procedures and smart capital expenditure.

Why choose Purotouch over other materials?

Many wooden products are prepared with harmful toxic chemicals, and MDF has known carcinogenic properties.

The plaster industry requires very large quanities of natural resources every year to produce products from.

Shipping Costs

£30 delivery

Stock & Delivery Information

There is generally a good stock of the interior decor products within the UK which means delivery will be 2-3 days. Occasionally items may be out of stock, especially popular items such as wall panels. Items that are out of stock have a delivery lead-time of 2-3 weeks. If there are any items on your order that are out of stock will get in touch straight away to let you know. You can then either decide to continue with your order and wait, or request a refund.

Returns & Cancellations

If you change your mind about your purchase and no longer
want your goods, you have 14 days to let us know. (*Unless the goods are made to order or custom made) The 14 days starts from the day your order has been delivered to you. You need to contact us by email to let us know you would like to start a return and we will advise you on the steps that need to be taken. You will be responsible for returning the goods within 5 days of your request to return. Once the goods have been received back at the warehouse, they will be checked and if the goods are free from damage and without any signs of use, your refund will be issued within the following 14 days.

Shipping outside of the UK

If you would like to place a *large order for delivery outside of the UK please send us an email with your full delivery address and details of what you would like to order. We can then generate a quotation for you.

*minimum order spent of £4000.

Product Information

Benefits & Attributes

Easy Installation

The products are lightweight and installed using adhesive making installation easy, simple and quick.

Easy to cut

The material cuts just like wood which means you can cut all the products to the exact sizes that you need onsite.

Ready to paint

The products arrives pre-primed in white, ready for you to paint. Once installed you can either paint the mouldings by hand or with a spray gun.

Water Resistant

The material is water resistant, which means the products can be used in areas with high moisture such as bathrooms or damp areas.

Installation Information


When your products arrive, unpack them and lay them out on the floor so you can check you have enough for your project. Store the products and adhesives at room temperature and wait 24 hours before installing

Sand down any obvious imperfections on your wall/surface and wipe down the surface after making sure it is free from dust.

Before you start fitting ensure that the walls are dry and grease free.

Mark Up

Plan out and mark up the location of where you want to fit the moulding/panelling onto the wall using a spirit level.

If you are installing a skirting board, always start with this. Always start your project from the bottom of the wall upwards.


The material cuts just like wood, so once you have measured up, simply cut your moulding/panelling with a fresh bladed saw.

Glueing Up

Apply the DecoFix Power adhesive to the rear face of your moulding/panelling making sure to run a bead of adhesive along the length if you are using a moulding or for larger mouldings/panels all around the perimetre and a bead down the center aswell.


Line up the moulding/panel against the wall, press firmly and remove any excess glue with a cloth or sponge.

If you are fitting items side by side make sure you are using the correct adhesive - see all adhesive products

*Make sure you leave a 1mm expansion gap around panels.


Use the DecoFix Filler to smooth out any joints using a application gun along the joins. Use your finger or a lightly damp sponge to smooth out the filler along the join or seam. If you are using vertical wall panels run the filler along all the vertical seams and use a damp sponge to smooth the filler in an upward direction.

Wait 15 minutes and then gently sand any areas that you think need sanding a little.


Now your mouldings or panels have been installed you can paint them, either by hand or with a spray gun. We recommend using Myland Wood & Metal paint for the most durable finish.

Painting & Finishing

Once your mouldings or panels have been installed you can paint them, either by hand or with a spray gun.

We recommend using Mylands Wood & Metal Paint which are good for both interior and exterior and come in three different finishes: Matt, Eggshell or Gloss. Extremely durable with a high quality finish in each category, the Wood & Metal paint is unparalleled in terms of its performance: scrubbable, sprayable and durable it is perfect for high traffic areas.